Faridah Noor Mohd Noor - Biography

Faridah Noor Mohd Noor, PhD., is an Associate Professor at the Department of English Language, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya (UM). Currently, she is the Chief Editor at the Chancellery’s Unit for the Enhancement of Academic Excellence (ULPAUM).

She was elected to the post as the Chair of the eCulture Working Group of Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) in 2010. Prior to that, she was the Co-Chair from 2006 to 2010.

In Malaysia she is tasked with driving MYREN’s (Malaysian Research and Education Network) eCulture Working Group to gain its momentum like its counterpart in APAN. Both MyREN, the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education APAN and UM have been supportive of her involvement at both the local and international levels to promote eculture activities that include UNESCO and ASEAN e-heritage activities and workshops. She was a visiting lecturer on sociolinguistics at the Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin) in 2005, 2006 and 2010, and LMU Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)in 2010.

She was a recipient of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Research Fellowship in 2006. Her research areas apart from eCulture are sociolinguistics, ethnolinguistics and academic discourse. Her supervisory and publication works are related to these research interests.

She is involved with the Deaf Culture and the Malaysian Sign Language Project (MySL) and UM’s Humanities and Ethics Cluster (HUME) Project on “Discourse on Environmental Awareness”. Her current eCulture project is the oral tradition and digitisation of the Mah Meri masks of Carey Island, Malaysia.