INDICATE project overview - ABSTRACT

The goal of the INDICATE project is to coordinate policy and best practices for the use of e-Infrastructures by the Digital Cultural Heritage community in the Mediterranean region.

A network of common interest composed of experts and researchers from e-Infrastructures, humanities, information and communication technologies was established to share experience, promote standards and guidelines, seek best practices and policy harmonization, and to transfer knowledge from cultural heritage organizations experienced with the use of e-Infrastructures to those with less experience.

INDICATE also carried out practical experimentation through pilots and use case studies using the policies and best practices in the areas of: digital preservation, virtual exhibitions and management of geo-coded cultural content.

The Paris Declaration, adopted by the INDICATE partners on the 7th June 2012 at the Strategy and Future Plans Workshop details the future priorities and commitments of the network beyond the lifetime of INDICATE. The shared vision of the INDICATE network is that in ten years’ time, access and use of digital cultural heritage will be available to all and that collaboration with the e-Infrastructures community will facilitate the realization of this vision.