Artur Serra - Biography

Artur Serra i Hurtado (Alacant, 1954) is Deputy Director of the i2cat Foundation (Spain).

The i2cat project started in 1999 and was one of the first European programs on Future Internet. He got the Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology in the Universitat de Barcelona in 1992, after completing a three years fieldwork at Carnegie Mellon University, doing an ethnographic fieldwork about the “Design Culture” of this American university, specially its School of Computer Science. During last decades he has focused in the convergence of media, Internet and people with projects like Opera Oberta, Megaconference, Dancing Q, Cultural Ring, and other developed in collaboration with Liceu de Barcelona, GEANT, Internet2, Cinegrid, KAIST, CANARIE, RNP from Brazil and other institutions globally.

Dr. Serra is founding member of European Network of Living Labs, and organizing public-private-citizens partnerships fostering open innovation projects in Spain, like Citilab, inaugurated in 2007. This center is becoming an international reference in engaging digital innovation processes with citizens.