The role of the European Grid Initiative for the eCulture applications - ABSTRACT

The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) is a federation of computing resource providers established to support collaborative and innovative research projects from all fields of science.

Building on a decade of experience in managing distributed computing resources, EGI continues to expand the user base, in both absolute numbers and range of disciplines.

EGI is therefore keen to engage with researchers working in the humanities disciplines as they are currently under-represented in the EGI ecosystem.

This will be achieved by working with the community to develop a platform which brings together the resources specific to the humanities community together with those that already form the grid.

This integration work will thus enable the creation of gateways and portals which developers for the humanities can extend through integration with applications and tools such as those for eCulture.

This talk introduces EGI, its mission and strategy and explores possible avenues of collaboration with the humanities community.

The federation of NGIs from many countries across Europe means that solutions delivered in one country can be replicated for the benefit of others across Europe.